About Us: Our Philosophy

We believe that the best educational programs foster deep understandings and piercing insights. Education should provide learners with quality experiences and opportunities for growth, both of which lead to the attainment of wisdom. Wisdom is the cornerstone of truth and good judgment and has been revered for centuries and employed by all great leaders. Wisdom is acquired actively, not passively. It requires one to learn something, experience it in reality, reflect on it, and then grow from it. We do not study wise, we grow wise.


Our Philosophy on Knowledge in Action

Our Philosophy on Experience in Action

Our Philosophy on Growth in Action




Learning for knowledge. Before any adventure in learning can take place, students must – at some point – acquire knowledge about it. Here students learn about ideas and information and skills. Simply learning about things, however, is not enough.

Learning Activities

Students learn from teachers, texts, professionals, websites, and many other sources.

Assessment of Knowledge

Assessment focuses on the mastery of knowledge and course content.


Learning by doing.  Students should be given opportunities to experience what we ask them to learn about. Students need to interact with knowledge and information in order to understand its limits, experience its relevance, and test its usefulness.  

Learning Activities

Students participate in experiential learning activities that challenge them to use the course material in meaningful ways.

Assessment of Experience

Assessment focuses on student performance and ability to apply the knowledge and course content into the experience.


Learning to grow. Students need to learn how to reflect on their experiences and connect them to their lives and what they’ve learned. It’s easy to miss the subtle truths and hidden lessons in life, but wisdom is rarely attained without insightful reflection.

Learning Activities

Students are challenged to reflect on what was learned and experienced, drawing meaningful connections to their lives and worlds.

Assessment of Growth

Assessment focuses on the quality of student reflections, insights, and lessons learned from their studies and experiences

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