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The Civic Mirror

An online and face-to-face educational program that turns classrooms into countries and students into citizens.

If you ever thought the study of government, economics, law, and citizenship was boring, think again! The Civic Mirror will bring these to life like nothing else. As students learn about political, legal, and economic processes in your course, they will apply what they learn to their own simulated nation. Through first-hand experience, students learn that nations can only be as good as the sum of their parts ... and that without active citizenship, everyone fails!

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The Civic Mirrorr truly is a hybrid education program – unlike anything else out there in that:

  • A web-based program manages the simulated country scenario (on, which
  • Sets up high stakes political, economic, and civic experiential learning events in classrooms, that
  • Provide students with an integrated and experiential learning experience!


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