We are a teacher-created education company devoted to making education fun, exciting, and meaningful. Our educational philosophy is at the core of everything we develop and do. We believe that there is much more to teaching and learning than content coverage and mastery.  We promote active, experiential learning and develop teaching ideas and tools that foster deep understandings and piercing insights. To learn more about the advantages our active learning resources offer, click here

What Do We Offer?  Action-Ed offers active learning resources, like The Civic Mirror, that bring real world learning experiences into classrooms. We also offer a variety of workshops for both students and teachers. These range from hands-on citizenship workshops for students, to planning and management workshops for teachers. Action-Ed also offers seminar and consulting services for schools and districts interested in creative curriculum design and developing ways to make school fun, exciting, and meaningful. To learn more about the advantages of our active learning resources offer, click here.

Learning for knowledge. Before any adventure in learning can take place, students must – at some point – acquire knowledge about it. Here students learn about ideas, information and skills. Simply learning about things, however, is not enough. Read More

Learning by doing.  Students should be given opportunities to experience what we ask them to learn about. Students need to interact with knowledge and information in order to understand its limits, experience its relevance, and test its usefulness. Read More

Learning to grow. Students need to learn how to reflect on their experiences and connect them to their lives and what they’ve learned. It’s easy to miss the subtle truths and hidden lessons in life, but wisdom is rarely attained without insightful reflection.  Read More

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