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Canadian Student Manual

This manual leads students through the entire Civic Mirror process of building and running their own nation.  It is the rules, events, and activities outlined in this manual that will turn your students’ Civic Mirror country into a miniature version of Canada. The Canadian Student Manual serves as a script that makes the process fun and easy to do.

The Canadian Student Manual allows students to actively experience a simulated version of Canada’s political and legal system. Specifically, it provides the following:

  • All of The Civic Mirror rules and their relevance and relation to the real world,
  • An abbreviated version of Canada’s 1867 and 1982 Constitution Acts (The Charter) that serves as the law of the land, outlining their political and legal system as well as their rights and freedoms.
  • Procedures and scripts for a self-running political system modeled after the Canadian Parliamentary System, including details for legislative procedures and executive actions,
  • A 9-seat House of Commons that any citizen can run for office, where the leader of the party with the most seats becomes the Prime Minister
  • A Government Event where the student Prime Minister addresses the nation, proposes a budget, and where all elected MP’s work to pass bills into laws and steer political policy
  • A National Court administered by a student judge and jury allowing citizens to prosecute one another and their government for breaking their laws,
  • An electoral procedure allowing students to campaign for any of the offices listed above, and participate in the ballot-casting procedure,
  • A Town Hall for students to engage in civic discourse and debate, so they can learn how to assert themselves and stand up for their rights and freedoms.

The learning opportunities and the curricular connections that the Canadian Student Manual provides are rich and endless. It fleshes out the educational value of The Civic Mirror, and provides all participants with an easy-to-follow scope and sequence.

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Canadian Instructor’s Manual

The Canadian Instructor’s Manual is worth its weight in gold. It is built around the Student Manual so that instructors can read everything their students are reading (without having to flip back and forth), and it contains instructor-specific components that are essential to delivering The Civic Mirror. The Canadian Instructor’s Manual not only provides educators with an abundance of helpful insights and teaching tips, but it coaches them through this new and exciting approach to teaching and learning.

Specifically, the Canadian Instructor’s Manual comes with all of the following components:

  • An instructor’s synopsis and introduction,
  • Insight into the Action-Ed approach to real-world teaching and learning,
  • Curricular correlations to the selected Canadian courses (for example, Ontario’s Civics 10 course),
  • Assessment tools and criteria;
  • Suggestions on how to implement the program into your course;
  • Specific instructions on how to prepare for and deliver each of The Civic Mirror events;
  • Suggested homework for each of the classroom events;
  • Discussion prompts and topics that relate the Civic Mirror experience to the curriculum;
  • Ready-to-copy worksheets and reading checks for quick and easy use;
  • Reflection & Connection sample activities and assignments;
  • All of the Hidden Agendas that the students need to properly participate.

Be an innovator. Enjoy teaching the class your students can’t get enough of.

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